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Date:  4th June 2020

                             Issue: 50


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Links Board of Directors has made the decision to temporarily close the office until further notice in order to minimise any potential risk to our staff and VCS group representatives in support of the official attempt to slow down the pandemic. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed.

Please note that the staff will be working from home and can be contacted on the details below during our usual office hours 10:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday. Our email address will still be monitored as normal.

Sandra Pink (Advice & Project Manager) – Email: Mobile: 07889 726846.
Jon Wynn (Administration & Information Worker) – Email: Mobile: 07493 209255
Martin Conlan (ICT Support Worker) – Email:
Sushri Wells (Freelance BME Engagement Co-ordinator) – Email: Mobile: 07876 617050 (For BME Engagement Forum Enquiries)
James Lee (Chief Executive) – Email:

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

Help Needed in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire Survey

We know about the community groups that operate and the good work that you all do.  Sadly, we understand that many of you have had to close down due to the Coronavirus crisis.

We are now mapping the help that is available in your residential area. 

However, there are still people needing help, mainly for shopping, collecting prescriptions, someone to talk to; and they could be your neighbours. 

Are you doing this in your local area or do you know of any people who have got together and are offering neighbourly support to people in need?

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey so that you can be added to the list of help in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire.

Link to survey here -

Chesterfield COVID-19 support directory

Comprehensive directory providing details such as:

  • national and local resources
  • support on how to stay active as well as health and wellbeing information
  • where to get home food deliveries as well as emergency food provision
  • personal and business financial support and guidance
  • resources for children and parents

The directory can be accessed here -

Please use the contact link at the top of the page to suggest corrections or contributions to the information in the directory, making sure you select ‘other.’


Included in this bulletin:

Derbyshire County Council - Community News

Statement from Chief Constable Peter Goodman Following Death of George Floyd

Active Derbyshire

Joyful June

First Steps ED

Derbyshire NHS is here to help you

Support for people with Arthritis

Child Safety Week 1-7 June

Derbyshire Carers Association Update and Carers week

Derbyshire County Council Survey

Derbyshire County Council Community News

“I, like my chief constable colleagues, am shocked and deeply saddened as a career police officer by the apparent unlawful killing of George Floyd.

“What I have witnessed bears no relationship to the values I have held dear as a police officer throughout my service. Justice needs to be done and healing needs to start with renewed energy.

“At Derbyshire Constabulary we value and respect our diverse communities and we support the statement that has been issued by the National Police Chief’s Council.

“We as a force continue to build on our relationships with the public and we will continue to do this by working with local groups, community leaders and faith groups.

“As well as working with the public it is important to continue to hear the voice of our staff to improve working practices and to train and educate our workforce.

“Where there are plans for any mass gatherings we, like other forces, will ensure proportionate and consistent policing plans are put in place, where required. The rights to protest are well established in this country; however these are exceptional times where coronavirus regulations now prevent such gatherings and personal responsibility is now key.

“For those who are able to leave their homes as a result of the changes, think carefully about where you are going and how you will be able to keep your distance from others. Keep in mind the purpose of the regulations and the national effort to protect the NHS and save lives.”

This morning UK police leaders have come together and published a statement about George Floyd’s death.

Chief constables from forces across the country, the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the chief executive of the College of Policing and the President of the Police Superintendents' Association have spoken following the death of George Floyd and the events that have followed in the United States.

“We stand alongside all those across the globe who are appalled and horrified by the way George Floyd lost his life. Justice and accountability should follow.

“We are also appalled to see the violence and damage that has happened in so many US cities since then. Our hearts go out to all those affected by these terrible events and hope that peace and order will soon be restored. 

“In the UK we have a long-established tradition of policing by consent, working in communities to prevent crime and solve problems. Officers are trained to use force proportionately, lawfully and only when absolutely necessary. We strive to continuously learn and improve. We will tackle bias, racism or discrimination wherever we find it.  

“Policing is complex and challenging and sometimes we fall short. When we do, we are not afraid to shine a light on injustices or to be held to account.

“The relationship between the police and the public in the UK is strong but there is always more to do. Every day, up and down the country, officers and staff are working to strengthen those relationships and address concerns. Only by working closely with our communities do we build trust and help keep people safe. 

“We know people want to make their voices heard. The right to lawful protest is key part of any democracy, which UK police uphold and facilitate. But coronavirus remains a deadly disease and there are still restrictions in place to prevent its spread, which include not gathering outside in groups of more than six people. So, for whatever reason people want to come together, we ask that people continue to work with officers at this challenging time.”


Martin Hewitt, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council

Mike Cunningham, Chief Executive of the College of Policing

Paul Griffiths, President of the Police Superintendents' Association


Message Sent By

Carole Woodall (Police, Communications Administrator, Derbyshire)

We are currently circulating a survey about how people’s views on physical activity may have changed, particularly in the context of the current crisis.  The closing date for the survey is this weekend

The link to the survey can be found below:

Please click link below to view the above information

Action for Happiness create monthly calendars packed with actions you can take to help create a happier and kinder world.

This Joyful June Calendar has daily actions for June 2020 to help us look for what's good even in difficult times.

You can sign up to receive monthly calendars and there are also other language versions available too.

First Steps ED

Befrienders Wanted!

First Steps ED is looking for Befrienders to join their team and support those who are struggling with mental health at this time. The current lockdown circumstances mean that it can be a very lonely time for people, so, could you spare a couple of hours a week to reach out to someone in need of support? If so, they would love to have you on the team! For details on how to become a Befriender or for further information, please email  

First Steps ED Research

Help us, help you! Here at First Steps ED we want to make sure our services are reaching the right audience and are appropriate for the ranging age groups that we welcome.  We have joined up with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to improve the transition between Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) and Adult Eating Disorders Services. If you have been through this transition, your experience would be extremely valuable in conducting our research and improving our services. To share your opinions, please go to…/improving-transitions-between…/  or for further information, visit for full details.

If you feel unwell or have hurt yourself, you can still get the care and treatment you need. It’s vital that if you’re having a potentially life-threatening medical emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke or really bad flare up of asthma, you contact the NHS.

You might be worrying about a mole that’s changed shape, or grown larger, and think you need to contact your GP.

Everyone in the NHS really appreciates people taking pressure off services for conditions that can be safely managed with over-the-counter medicines, and taken care of at home.

But it’s crucial that for anything else you do not risk your life or wellbeing – contact NHS 111 online or by phone, get in touch with your GP, visit an Urgent Treatment Centre, or for emergencies go to A&E or call 999.

Key messages can be found in this document. Information about the range of health and wellbeing support available in Derbyshire updated weekly can be found here

There is a helpline available run by Healthwatch Derbyshire 01773 880786, Monday to Friday, 10am to 3:30pm. You can also text them on 07957 149279

Test and trace programme  – what it means for you

From Thursday 28 May anyone who tests positive for coronavirus will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and will need to share information about their recent interactions. This could include household members, people with whom they have been in direct contact, or within two metres for more than 15 minutes.

People identified as having been in close contact with someone who has a positive test must stay at home for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms, to stop unknowingly spreading the virus.

If those in isolation develop symptoms, they can book a test at   or by calling 119. If they test positive, they must continue to stay at home for seven days or until their symptoms have passed. If they test negative, you will still need to complete the 14-day isolation period. 

Members of their household will not have to stay at home unless the person identified becomes symptomatic, at which point they must also self-isolate for 14 days to avoid unknowingly spreading the virus.

Arthritis Action offer hands-on, practical help for people with arthritis to improve their quality of life whilst living with the condition. Arthritis Action have been working hard to adapt their services to support people dealing with their arthritis in these difficult circumstances.

Online Arthritis Action Groups


Arthritis Action are pleased to announce they will be running Arthritis Action Group meetings online via Zoom, including the Derby Group. Under usual circumstances they are aware Derby would be a long way to come for Chesterfield residents, but they are welcoming people from further afield virtually to make sure people are getting support. The next Derby group is 11th June. They will be joined by Arthritis Action Services Development Manager & Dietitian Martin Lau who will be discussing keeping active in lockdown. The meetings are also a way to connect with other people with arthritis, share experiences and tips, and support each other. Participants will need to contact Arthritis Action directly for the log in instructions for the meeting, and they have produced How To guides for those not familiar with using Zoom.

Arthritis appropriate Exercise Videos

Many people living with a long-term health condition find it difficult to attend exercise classes. To help them, Arthritis Action recently launched a series of online chair based  exercises developed with the aim of helping those with hip, knee or spinal Osteoarthritis more mobile and active.

Self-Management Resource

Arthritis Action also have video resources exploring different elements of self-management, including pain management, distraction techniques and pacing.

Child Safety Week 1-7 June

Keeping children safe during lockdown and beyond

With the pressures on the NHS, many parents are worried about a trip to A&E with their child. The Child Accident Prevention Trust are reaching out to families feeling the pressure in lockdown to highlight easy wins that can keep children safe.

Click HERE to download their Parent's Pack which is full of top tips.

Derbyshire Carers Association Update and Carers week

Please find below our latest figures of support we have delivered to Carers.

This carer’s week we are challenging you to share that you care for carers through a random act of caring

Every day in the UK 6.5 million people will provide unpaid care to family and friends impacted by disability, addiction, mental or physical illness. This support is often provided without recognition, training or a second thought.

The demands and sacrifices placed on carers to support their loved ones often means that their own need’s come second. Carers are therefore seven times more likely to experience isolation, alongside financial hardship and stress.

This year’s carer’s week theme is ‘making caring visible’. So let’s make the value and support we have for carers in society as visible as possible.

Simple acts of kindness and compassion towards carers can make a huge difference in feeling valued and supported in their community.

So this year Derbyshire Carers Association is challenging you to a random act of caring.

This can be a phone call to someone you know who cares, creating a care package, fundraising, donating goods and services to local carer groups or organisations.

Share that you care for carers by publicising your random acts of caring with us, print off the poster and send us a selfie with the poster and a little write up of your act of kindness and we will share on our website and social media.

Derbyshire County Council survey to capture the impact of COVID-19 on the voluntary and community sector and other charitable organisations

Message from Derbyshire County Council:

We are aware that the voluntary and community sector (VCS) have been absolutely essential in continuing the support to the vulnerable throughout the pandemic. As economic recovery plans are being developed by the Local Enterprise Partnership and within Economic Regeneration and Employment & Skills teams at Derbyshire County Council, we are keen to try to capture some of the experiences of your organisations so that it can inform our next steps and understanding of what provision and resources might be needed moving forward.

A Survey Monkey of 10 questions has been developed, and we would be extremely thankful if you could complete it on behalf of your VCS and charitable/support organisation.

The link to the survey can be found here:  

We would like the survey to have been completed by Friday 26th June please.

Please also forward on to those in your networks so that we can truly capture the impact of COVID across Derbyshire – Thank You.

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