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Date:  24th June 2020

                             Issue: 64


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Links Board of Directors has made the decision to temporarily close the office until further notice in order to minimise any potential risk to our staff and VCS group representatives in support of the official attempt to slow down the pandemic. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed.

Please note that the staff will be working from home and can be contacted on the details below during our usual office hours 10:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday. Our email address will still be monitored as normal.

Sandra Pink (Advice & Project Manager) – Email: Mobile: 07889 726846.
Jon Wynn (Administration & Information Worker) – Email: Mobile: 07493 209255
Martin Conlan (ICT Support Worker) – Email:
Sushri Wells (Freelance BME Engagement Co-ordinator) – Email: Mobile: 07876 617050 (For BME Engagement Forum Enquiries)
James Lee (Chief Executive) – Email:

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

Help Needed in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire Survey

We know about the community groups that operate and the good work that you all do.  Sadly, we understand that many of you have had to close down due to the Coronavirus crisis.

We are now mapping the help that is available in your residential area. 

However, there are still people needing help, mainly for shopping, collecting prescriptions, someone to talk to; and they could be your neighbours. 

Are you doing this in your local area or do you know of any people who have got together and are offering neighbourly support to people in need?

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey so that you can be added to the list of help in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire.

Link to survey here -

Chesterfield COVID-19 support directory

Comprehensive directory providing details such as:

  • national and local resources
  • support on how to stay active as well as health and wellbeing information
  • where to get home food deliveries as well as emergency food provision
  • personal and business financial support and guidance
  • resources for children and parents

The directory can be accessed here -

Please use the contact link at the top of the page to suggest corrections or contributions to the information in the directory, making sure you select ‘other.’


Included in this bulletin:

Cultural Awareness Training

Chesterfield Borough Council - Grow and Tell - A virtual flower festival

Derbyshire Economic Review - Spring 2020

Active Derbyshire/Notts Guide to Staying at Home

Free online courses over the summer

Seatbelt Campaign Hopes To Make Drivers and Passengers Click on To Safety Message

Scams Awareness Newsletter from Citizens Advice

Derbyshire County Council - Adult education praised for helping the most vulnerable

Meals on Wheels Project

Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Plastic Free Chesterfield

Chesterfield Borough Council - Grow and Tell - A virtual flower festival

Chesterfield Borough Council is encouraging residents to share pictures of gardens, wildlife and wildflowers they spot around the borough in order to help create a digital flower festival.

The virtual festival, Grow and Tell, aims to collect images from around the borough in June and July that show off some of the colourful flower displays created by residents, as well as wildflowers and wildlife from across the borough’s many green spaces. Residents are also asked to share some of the stories behind the photographs.

In order to share your pictures for Grow and Tell please send them to or send them via a message on Facebook -

To view photo's please go here -

Derbyshire Economic Review - Spring 2020

The latest Derbyshire Economic Review - Spring 2020, is available to view on the Economy page of the Derbyshire Observatory.

The document is a quarterly publication and provides an overview of some of the latest statistics and news on the Derbyshire economy along with some national context.

The data in the document mainly relates to quarter one of 2020, so does not reflect the emerging economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. More data on how the economy is being affected will be coming out in the weeks and months ahead and we will look to incorporate this into our future reporting.

If you have any queries about the document then please e-mail Mick Evans on:

Please feel free to circulate this e-mail to your contacts. If you would like to update your contact details, then please e-mail

You can find further statistics and analysis relevant to Derbyshire on the Derbyshire Observatory:

Active Derbyshire/Notts Guide to Staying at Home

Our staying active at home page includes this guide showing physical activity you can do at home, if you're shielding or can't get out, there's some illustrated activities to help you stay active

Free online courses over the summer

4 page flyer for Summer online courses

A two-week campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of not wearing seat belts is calling on drivers and passengers to ensure they belt up.

Twenty percent of all fatal road traffic collisions involve someone not wearing a seat belt – with figures rising to 25% of all men killed on the roads in the UK not wearing a belt.

During last year’s national campaign 5361 people were stopped – with 4345 prosecuted for not wearing a seat belt.

Inspector Greg Hunt, who leads the force’s roads policing teams, said: “There are not many times that you can say that a simple two second act can save your life – but with seat belts that is the reality.

“We see on an all too regular basis the devastating impact of not taking those few seconds at the start of a journey.

“There have been examples in our county where people who were not wearing a seatbelt have died in collisions where their fellow passengers, who were wearing them, have not – it really is that black and white.”

A driver or adult passenger caught without a seat belt on can receive a fine of up to £500. If you are the driver of a car with children as passengers then you must ensure they are sitting in car seats appropriate for their age and height and you are liable for a fine if they are not.

This year’s campaign will begin on Monday 29 June and until Sunday 12 July.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Group Manager, Kevin Page, said: “The simple act of putting on a seatbelt can make the difference between life and death, the difference between families’ lives being torn apart and love ones being lost forever, something that sadly our firefighters see on a regular basis on roads across Derbyshire.

“It only takes two seconds to put a seatbelt on and this could be the most important two seconds of your journey.”


Message Sent By

Rebecca Malpass (Police, Content and Social Media Officer, Media team)

It’s important to always keep an eye out for scams. They can and do affect anyone. People can be especially vulnerable at times like this when they’re worried about their families, health, money and work. It might take longer than usual to realise something isn’t right. 


Below you will find a recent scam newsletters from Citizens Advice.


Scams Awareness Leaflet [Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts].pdf

Scams Awareness Newsletter 2020 [Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts].pdf

Scams Awareness Postcard [Citizens Advice Derbyshire Districts].pdf


Message Sent By

Tim Parkin (Office of the PCC, Digital Engagement Officer, Derbyshire)

Inspectors from Ofsted have praised our adult community education service for supporting some of Derbyshire’s most vulnerable residents to learn.

Adult education praised for helping the most vulnerable

Meals on Wheels Project

To register please click link below

Meals on Wheels Registration form

Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Derbyshire Libraries are supporting this year’s Summer Reading Challenge which is going digital – with events and activities happening online.

Children are invited sign up to the Silly Squad website where there will be lots of information, quizzes, resources and book suggestions for them to enjoy.

Locally Derbyshire County Council’s libraries will be joining the fun, throughout the summer, by offering online story times, mini book reviews and recommendations, a forum for sharing ideas and suggestions about books and a regular craft activity. 

The Silly Squad is a loveable group of madcap animals looking for fun and the aim is to encourage children and their families to have fun too, getting silly and reading anything that makes them happy.  That could be comics, joke books, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, in digital or print format, books they have at home or ebooks and eaudiobooks borrowed through Derbyshire Libraries online.

Find more information go to Derbyshire Libraries Facebook or Twitter or visit the Derbyshire Libraries website

Join the Silly Squad by visiting

Online meeting - Plastic-Free in a time of COVID

On Wednesday 15th July, 7pm we - Plastic Free Chesterfield - are holding an online event called 'Plastic free in a time of COVID'. 

This will be a short talk from Rachel Yates of the charity Surfers Against Sewage, Q&A and discussion on the issue of single-use plastics during this time of COVID and the importance of promoting reusables. 

There have been a lot of concerns about the increase of single-use plastics during lockdown - for example cafes had temporarily stopped allowing people to bring their own containers, whilst supermarket have temporarily stopped the plastic bag charge for their deliveries. And now, there are concerns around PPE - disposable face masks and gloves. So this discussion will focus on these issues and I hope you agree with us that it is important to take action on single-use plastics and so I hope this online meeting will be useful for you and your members. Anyone and everyone can join.

The details are here:

And registration is here:

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