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Date:  6th July 2020

                             Issue: 72


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Links Board of Directors has made the decision to temporarily close the office until further notice in order to minimise any potential risk to our staff and VCS group representatives in support of the official attempt to slow down the pandemic. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed.

Please note that the staff will be working from home and can be contacted on the details below during our usual office hours 10:00am-4:00pm Monday to Friday. Our email address will still be monitored as normal.

Sandra Pink (Advice & Project Manager) – Email: Mobile: 07889 726846.
Jon Wynn (Administration & Information Worker) – Email: Mobile: 07493 209255
Martin Conlan (ICT Support Worker) – Email:
Sushri Wells (Freelance BME Engagement Co-ordinator) – Email: Mobile: 07876 617050 (For BME Engagement Forum Enquiries)
James Lee (Chief Executive) – Email:

We will keep you updated as we receive more information.

Help Needed in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire Survey

We know about the community groups that operate and the good work that you all do.  Sadly, we understand that many of you have had to close down due to the Coronavirus crisis.

We are now mapping the help that is available in your residential area. 

However, there are still people needing help, mainly for shopping, collecting prescriptions, someone to talk to; and they could be your neighbours. 

Are you doing this in your local area or do you know of any people who have got together and are offering neighbourly support to people in need?

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey so that you can be added to the list of help in Chesterfield & North East Derbyshire.

Link to survey here -

Chesterfield COVID-19 support directory

Comprehensive directory providing details such as:

  • national and local resources
  • support on how to stay active as well as health and wellbeing information
  • where to get home food deliveries as well as emergency food provision
  • personal and business financial support and guidance
  • resources for children and parents

The directory can be accessed here -

Please use the contact link at the top of the page to suggest corrections or contributions to the information in the directory, making sure you select ‘other.’


Included in this bulletin:

Power to Change

Build Back Better

Pcc Welcomes Next Stage of Review Into Drugs Misuse In the UK

News from Derbyshire County Council

Disability Campaigners

Rural Action Derbyshire

Joined Up Care Derbyshire


D2N2 Newsletter

6th - 12th July - Glad to Care Awareness Week

As lockdown eases, community businesses have an opportunity to tell their story and create a memorable customer experience. Charlotte Cassedanne, Head of Communications at Power to Change, shares some tips.

Click here for more information


As the hospitality sector gets set to reopen, thousands of not-for-profit businesses across the UK can now access a free app offering an easy way to track and trace.

Click here for more information

New #BuildBackBetter movement galvanises organisations to demand that we rebuild with more care for local communities.

The moment demands a response like none before. The virus reveals everything and can change anything. We must act now to end the deep poverty and anxiety being inflicted on so many

Click here for more information

Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner Hardyal Dhindsa welcomed the latest phase of a national review into the misuse of illegal drugs in England.

The Commissioner, who is national lead for Drugs and Alcohol on behalf of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) and contributed evidence to the first phase of the review, said too many lives and communities were being destroyed by illegal drugs and welcomed further research into how treatment services can help those with drug dependency achieve and sustain their recovery.

The PCC is expected to be involved in the second phase of the of independent review being led by Professor Dame Carol Black, which will consider the provision of treatment and recovery services for drug users as well as focus on how to prevent the misuse of drugs among adults and young people.

Mr Dhindsa said: “I welcome the second phase of Dame Black’s Review which switches focus to the solutions, including how we help people to achieve long-term recovery and how we might prevent them from becoming dependent in the first place.

“This is where all the relevant areas of government can come together with stakeholders to discuss action and identify what else is needed to stop more tragedies impacting families and wider society.

“Drug misuse tears lives apart and presents us with significant demand and economic challenges. This is where all of us have a chance to make a difference and deliver positive change.”

The second stage of the review aims to ensure vulnerable people with substance misuse problems receive the support they need to turn their lives around whether in the community or in prison.

It will consider a broad spectrum of services and treatment options including mental health provision, housing, employment and the criminal justice system.

Professor Dame Carol Black has been appointed to lead the review following her initial report commissioned by the Home Office, which looked at the challenges around drug supply and demand. It found drug deaths are at an all-time high, the market has become much more violent and drugs are costing society billions of pounds every year.


Message Sent By

Tim Parkin (Office of the PCC, Digital Engagement Officer, Derbyshire)

News from Derbyshire County Council

We are painting double yellow lines at several locations in the county that have seen issues caused by dangerous parking over the past few months.

We take action on dangerous parking

Lorry drivers who continually flout weight restrictions on roads and bridges are being warned by our trading standards team that they will be prosecuted, after nearly 40 successful cases were brought by officers in just 6 months.

Don’t keep on trucking if there’s a weight restriction

Disability Campaigners


Call for an increase in PIP due to Covid-19

Disability Campaigners have found that people living closer to the centre of our town (Chesterfield) who are disabled are having to resort to the use of taxis or just stay at home. Because of the bus limit of 10 people they are generally full when nearer their town centre destination and sail past the people at the stops.

Clearly there is little point in  having a bus pass if you cannot get on a bus, and then have to pay taxi fares to get to appointments/social distance visiting/shopping. This is following the experience of some of our members.

Disability Campaigners are campaigning for an increase in PIP to offset the increased costs of travel to disabled people. 

We have a Facebook site - that is asking for people to report on similar experiences to back our campaign and we have contacted the local press. Toby Perkins MP is backing our campaign and has written to ministers about this and we await their response. The more examples we can give, the stronger our case. 


Dave widdowson and Adrian Rimington for Disability Campaigners.

Rural Action Derbyshire

ACRE Information Sheet Updated in light of Government Guidance Published 30 June!

Help us to help you

Covid-19 Insurance Update


6th – 12th July – Glad to Care Awareness Week


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